Tropical Sweet and Sour Watermelon 50ml Shortfill

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Tropical - Sweet & Sour Watermelon Short Fill - 50ml (0mg)

In this popular liquid by Tropical, the sweetness of a watermelon is combined with the sour-tingling jelly bean flavour - a unique vaping experience.

Can you feel it, too? Tropical liquids will bring summer here

Tropical has recently captured the global liquid market with a large selection of exciting varieties. The British brand specializes in sweet-sour flavour with a variety of fruits as a basic flavour. But what is actually behind that and how can a vaper imagine this? Similar to an effervescent candy the liquid tingles on the tongue and is so unique in taste. The combination of sweet fruits with sour notes now inspires the vaping community. But beware, these little bottles have more in stock. Fitted with a modern design, they look cool in your liquid collection, as the colours are already striking in the eye. The liquid is produced under the supervision of experienced chemists with regular monitoring. For Tropical, the high quality of the products is very important. To keep up-to-date, the manufacturer regularly informs about the latest trends and wishes of the vapers.

For the preparation of the liquid, a base with a composition of 70% VG and 30% PG is chosen, because besides the taste, the production of huge clouds is also important for the perfect steamship experience. To give you more freedom, the products of Tropical are available with different nicotine levels or as short fills - you have the choice. The liquids owe their name to their exotic, sparkling taste, which has already made them very popular after a short time. This is why only liquids with this particular extra are available, since there are too many liquids available on the market.

Due to their exciting taste, these liquids are by no means desolate and are suitable for vaping every day. Whether you have an RBA atomizer or ready-to-use coils, this fruit explosion is suitable for every kind of device. Grab one of the many Tropical Liquids and taste the incomparable taste that will blow you away.