Ijoy Combo SRDA Silver

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IJOY COMBO SRDA is the first pre-made coil RDA, which is a subversive innovation of RDA, with revolutionary significance. No need to build coils by yourself. The COMBO SRDA can be disassembled, cleaned and replace the cotton with special wrench equipped to achieve the purpose of repeated use. Side airflow control and cloudy vapor. It comes with wide bore 810 Ultem drip tip, dripping compatible. The bottom is equipped with gold-plated Squonk pin, which can be used with Squonk BOX MODs.
Main Feature:

  1. Innovative pre-made coil RDA 2. Get rid of the hassle of building 3. Pre-made coil can be reused by changing cotton 4. Side airflow control 5. 810 wide bore Ultem drip tip 6. Squonk pin included