Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh Battery Green

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Product Description

The INR18650 25R is in the market in two colors, Green and Blue. We finally have it also in the Color Green at our Wholesale website ready for your bulk orders. It has a huge capacity of 2500 Mah and provides a high current as well. This is a rechargeable battery. The Voltage that these flat top batteries provide is 3.6V and the highest discharge current output is a decent 35A. This is a Lithium-ion battery and the users need to be aware as to how to handle them keeping the warnings given below in mind.

Important Instructions:

  • Kindly prevent overcharging the battery and over Discharging it
  • To keep the battery performing at an optimum level, kindly recharge the completely discharged batteries straightaway
  • Avoid short circuiting or exposure to High temperatures
  • Keep safe from water or Fire

Specifications Of Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh Battery

  • Discharge capacity: 2,500mAh
  • Voltage output: 3.6V
  • Charging in normal Conditions: CCCV, 1.25A, 4.20 ± 0.05 V, 100mA cut-off
  • Fast charging: CCCV, 4A, 4.20 ± 0.05 V, 100mA cut-off
  • Time Taken to Charge:
    • Normal charge : 180min / 100mA
    • Fast charge: 60minutes / 100mA
  • Maximum constant discharge: 20A(at 25°C), 60% at 250 cycle
  • Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.5V
  • BatteryWeight: 45.0g max
  • Batterydimensions: Height : 64.85 ± 0.15mm, Diameter : 18.33 ± 0.07mm
  • Operational temperature
    • Charging : 0 to 50°C (advised recharge release < 45°C),
    • Discharging : -20 to 75°C (advised discharge release < 60°C)